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Apple’s In-Store Black Friday Deals

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So it’s finally Black Friday and retailers across America are slashing their prices and welcoming hordes of hysterical shoppers. The question, of course, is how generous is Apple (s aapl) being this year? Is it – as it teased earlier in the week – a “happy” Friday for the Apple-buying public?

The answer is (not unsurprisingly) No. Not if you buy from Apple it isn’t.

While Apple observes the Black Friday custom, it never really embraces it. It’s been said before, Apple unashamedly sets higher-than-average prices on its products (particularly when MacBooks are compared to run-of-the-mill Windows computers) and just isn’t interested in doing bargain-basement deals. I guess that’s why they have sixty bajillion in the bank.

Anyway, here’s a quick rundown of some of the more noteworthy price-cuts among the meager discounts Apple has on offer just for today.

Apple TV
This’ll rock your world (not); save $21 on an Apple TV, now only $208. I bet that has you reaching for your credit card…

The iPod Nano starts at $138 today, a saving of $11.
The iPod Touch enjoys a $41 discount, cost today: $178.

The 21.5 and 27 inch iMacs start at $1098, a saving of $101.

MacBook Pros
13, 15 and 17 inch MacBook Pros also get a $101 discount and so also start at $1098. No savings on the MacBook or MacBook Air, sadly.

All manner of Apple accessories and software get moderate discounts. If you’re interested in picking up the latest edition of iWork, Apple’s productivity software suite, a single user license will cost only $49 today, a saving of $30. (Actually, this isn’t a bad discount, given how sophisticated iWork is.)

The new Magic Mouse gets a measly $5 shaved off the asking price (today’s cost to you – $64 – is still way too much for this mouse).

The 1TB Time Capsule, Airport Extreme Base Station, Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple In-Ear Headphones all get a little of the Black Friday treatment. Not to mention a whole lot of stuff nobody cares about. And there’s no discount on a MobileMe subscription, which is what I was hoping to see happen.

Altogether now… “Meh.”

The same percentage discounts have been rolled-out to Apple’s international stores, but ultimately equate to the same small-time savings. None of this is new — Apple just doesn’t “do” discounts. It’s not in its DNA.

Where the Real Action Is

If you want a genuine discount that makes a real difference to your bank balance, you need to leave Apple’s stores behind and go to its authorized resellers. That’s where the real action is this Black Friday. AppleInsider has a great roundup (including side by side comparisons) of the top Apple-approved resellers and their best one-day-discounts.

If you’re out shopping for an Apple bargain today and stumble across a fantastic deal, why not share the news in the comments below? But only after you’ve helped yourself, naturally. No one expects retail-altruism on a day like this…

6 Responses to “Apple’s In-Store Black Friday Deals”

  1. Laptoplasane

    the real “deal” was for the refurbished iphones for AT&T online. I tried to order the 16gb 3GS for the sale price of 49.00, but lucky me, the order was canceled because they “could not verify some information”. They gave me a number to call, of course the same information went through with the sales rep but she couldnt hold up the discounts that I ordered initially so I said no thanks

  2. This is no “sale price”. These prices aren’t even what I would call an “incentive”. I am a Dell Windows XP user and I am eager to become an Apple user, but when I see a greedy company like Apple make fun of me and wave a rotten carrot in front of me like $101 off a multi-thousand dollar machine, it almost makes me ill. Best Buy is selling $200 HP laptops today. Where’s Apple?

    Apple can keep their $101 “sale price”. I don’t need it. It’s an insult – pure and simple. Thanks for nothing, Steve Jobs!