5 Most Popular Posts on WebWorkerDaily This Week


Just in case you missed any of them, here are the five most popular posts on WebWorkerDaily this week:

Many folks will be getting their hands on brand-new iPhone or iPod touch over the holiday season. Here, Charlie runs through the must-have apps that web workers will want to install on their new device.

Our impulse is usually to try to do everything. Opportunities present themselves, and we think, “If I turn this away, I may not get another shot. What if there’s nothing else coming down the pike?” But, how do you know when is a good time to hold and when is a good time to fold? Amber provides some clues.

Karen shares some useful phrases that can tip a project from free to paid.

Looking for something to brighten up your desktop? Check out these great National Graphic images.

While many of us are still scratching our heads trying to figure out how to fit Wave into our workflow, Will has tried using it on a real client project — here he shares some tips.

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