My Early Black Friday Deal Arrived — Panasonic HDC-SD10


A few years ago, I swore not to go shopping on Black Friday ever again. So tomorrow, I’ll be relaxing from home while hordes of early-bird shoppers wake early and battle the riff-raff for special, one-day deals. This year, I grabbed a special deal in advance of Black Friday and it arrived yesterday. I snagged Panasonic’s HDC-SD10 (s pc) camcorder from Amazon (s amzn) for $299.99, including shipping. When this high-definition camcorder hit the market about six months ago, it was priced at $549.99. Amazon dropped the price to $399 and also offered a $100 discount code, which is how I got my price. I tweeted it when I pulled the trigger and a few folks on Twitter took advantage of the same deal.

So is this the best handheld camcorder out there? Of course not, but at this price, I simply couldn’t pass it up. As you can see by the photo gallery, the HDC-SD10 has roughly the same footprint as my iPhone 3GS, so it’s pretty small. And it doesn’t weigh all that much either — the body only weighs 85 grams more than my iPhone and the battery doesn’t add much more heft. I can easily see myself throwing this in a gear bag — OK, maybe not throwing — for use at CES and on the run.

The HDC-SD10 supports recording in full 1920 x 1080 at up to 60 interlaced frames per second or 24 fps progressive and sports a 16x optical zoom. The device records to an SD card in AVCHD format and can also take 2.1 megapixel stills. Other features include:

  • Optical image stabilization
  • 2.7″ LCD with touchscreen for camera controls and settings
  • 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x mini HDMI, 1 x component out
  • iAuto function for auto-focus, auto-exposure subject tracking
  • Integrated microphone for Dolby Digital stereo recording
  • 725 mAh battery

Again, there are plenty of better high-definition cameras on the market today — just not at $299.99!



Hey Kevin,

I was undecided to buy this camcorder, but my bro give me this link,
check out your comment, now I probably going to order this one for
the wife for Christmas.

beau lane

hey i have had the HDC-SD20 for around a month and its the best camera I HAVE EVA had and would never go back to a sony.


Kevin, Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t going to buy a camcorder this year, but your deal is too good to pass up. I placed my order! Happy Thanksgiving.

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