IPC Pleases Photo Advertisers With Digital-Edition Mag

I hate digital-edition mags, and probably many consumers hate them mags, too. But advertisers, increasingly, are loving them. And IPC Media has struck one of the best advertiser deals we’ve seen for one of the buggers so far…

Quarterly Better Digital Photography is a free, online-only 36-pager displayed on Yudu’s page-turner software that IPC wants to distribute to two million readers.

Photo retailers like Warehouse Express, Dixons, Park Cameras and PhotoBox will get to send bespoke editions containing their ads to customers whose email addresses are on their sales databases. That makes for relevant, clever advertising.

There’s no shortage of photography mags on shelves at the moment, as DSLRs fall in price. IPC already has pay-for titles What Digital Camera and Amateur Photographer. The new title is angled on photo equipment and techniques, but that’s just like the rest of ’em.

IPC will also distribute to those on its own lists, ie. for its own photo mags, plus Web User and TrustedReviews.