Inbrics Android MID with QWERTY Slider Coming to CES


I’m still futzing with the latest Android x86 build on my UMPC, so maybe this Android MID from Inbrics is the way to go. Actually, there’s not much information to go on other than the video and some specs that jkkmobile has from a translated press release.

The handheld uses a current Cortex-A8 ARM platform running at 800 MHz, has an AMOLED touch display, integrated Wi-Fi, GPS and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Inbrics should be sharing more at the Consumer Electronics Show this coming January, and I plan to swing by to get some hands-on time if they allow it. The form factor actually reminds me a bit of the Motorola Droid, which I like — I’m partial to slide-out keyboards in landscape mode, due to the larger keys.


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