Indy’s Digital News Chief Leach Returning To Govt.


The Independent‘s digital editorial director Jimmy Leach is to re-join the government’s digital media operations as head of digital engagement at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

He joined the Indy in June 2008 having worked as head of digital comms for both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown at Downing Street. He was previously director of digital at Freud Communications and carried a series of digital roles for Guardian News & Media. Release.

From February, he’ll be working on developing the FCO’s 250-strong portfolio of sites, covering 40 languages, and a growing number of ministers’ and officials’ blogs and Twitter streams. He takes over from Paul Bute.

While at the Indy, Leach has signed a string of content aggregation deals, including with YouTube, France24, Reddit and Hubdub as well as relaunching’s Independent Minds blogging platform as a joint project with Russian-owned LiveJournal. Bill Swanson remains as MD for digital at Independent Newspapers.

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