Subsidized LG X120 Netbook Includes Instant On Feature


Another day brings another subsidized netbook to the U.S. This time it’s LG with their X120, which has seen sights around the rest of the world for a while now. The X120 is your basic Intel Atom powered netbook with a 160 GB hard drive, 1 GB of RAM and Microsoft Windows XP. LG expects the six-cell battery to last for seven hours. Along with Wi-Fi, the 2.8 pound X120 includes an HSPA radio tuned to AT&T’s 3G frequencies, making it a perfect candidate for a data plan. That’s exactly what you’ll need, too — a $60 monthly data plan — to grab the X120 for $179.99 at your local Radio Shack.

LG also integrated Splashtop’s instant on solution for quick access to key applications an a connected browser. A dedicated “SmartOn” button boots the netbook into a basic Linux partition, making you productive in five seconds. When I last chatted with the DeviceVM folks — creators of Splashtop — nearly a year ago, they were still working on getting their product to work with 3G connections like the one included with the X120. I expect they have that ironed out now, but I’ll ping them directly to verify. As nice as a five-second boot time is, I’d want to use the browser wherever I am.


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