NuPower Charger Works with iPhone, micro-USB and mini-USB Devices


I’m a fan of portable chargers that work with multiple devices, so NewerTech’s NuPower Charge & Sync + hit my radar today. The $39.95 battery only holds 1400 mAh of juice, so one full device charge is about you’ll see with most devices. But it comes with flexibility in three different connectors — one for iPhone (s aapl) and iPod Touch devices, one for mini USB and one for micro USB connections. That should cover the majority of handhelds requiring a 5V output as well as and other portable devices ranging from phones to Bluetooth headsets to some digital audio players. I reckon that even some smaller cameras and handheld gaming devices are supported.

The NuPower won’t take up too much room or weight on the go, measuring in at 2.875″ x 2.25″ x 0.625″ and weighing just 3.12 ounces. There are plenty of other battery chargers out there, but I like the integrated A/C plug — just plug the whole charger into a wall outlet and grab it before leaving. One question though — what’s the “Sync” part of the name for? ;)


OWC Grant

While it may seem confusing, the output power is irrelevant. What truly matters is the mAh capacity…which in this case is 1400.

There are no problems with listening to music or playing a movie while charging an iPhone with the Charge & Sync+. We actually do this on a daily basis here. And yes, we get some work done too! ;-) Note that watching a movie is one of the most processor intensive operations and yet the Charge & Sync+ still charges the iPhone.

Have an idea…how about Kevin reviews one in exactly these use scenarios? We’re confident the Charge & Sync+ will deliver.


It’s output power is 650MaH so that means HTC smartphones will not charge with this properly. Even the iphone won’t charge if you are doing processor/screen intensive stuff while it is charging.

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