New Avatar Trailer Is Interactive, Spoiler-Active

I’m still not sure how excited I am about the upcoming James Cameron 3-D opus, Avatar. I want to be excited for it, but — eh, whatever. In an effort to ramp up interest in the pic, 20th Century Fox (s NWSA) today released a an interactive version of the trailer for the film (hat tip to TheWrap), which provides a whole new insight into the movie bunch of spoilers.

The new trailer requires Adobe AIR, and is an actual application that sits on your PC. It presents the regular trailer, but adds “hot spots” to it so you can discover additional information about cast members, or learn about the art design that went into the move. With the trailer living on the PC, the studio says it will be sending updates and new media libraries.

The trailer app also shows you social media feeds from Flickr (s YHOO), YouTube (s GOOG) and Twitter, so you can see what other people are saying about the movie — and there is an option to purchase tickets.

The problem, aside from requiring an update for an app that you’ll have to manually remove from your computer, is that some of the behind-the-scenes stuff flat-out ruins parts of the movie. Granted, given what’s been shown in the trailer, you can pretty much surmise what’s going to happen. But in this interactive version of the trailer, you can access Michelle Rodriguez spelling out the exact moment her character does something that seems pretty pivotal to the movie. The art and design stuff is cool, but not that great.

Overall, for what is supposed to be a movie that will advance cinema into its next era, the “high-tech” trailer its come up with feels outdated.