How to Add More Icon Rows in Windows Mobile 6.5


Not happy with three honeycombed application rows in Windows (s msft) Mobile 6.5? How do four, five or even six vertical rows of icons grab you? You’ll need a sizable screen resolution if you plan to cram a half-dozen rows on your handset, but it can be done, courtesy of XDA developers. Pocketnow says this should work on WVGA devices as well as VGA units, but you’ll want to try different CAB files to see how many rows hits the sweet spot for you.

Now if we could just get a better way to organize all of those shortcuts, we’d be in business. I was a little disappointed to see “Move to top” as the only real option by default for natively customizing the icon order in Windows Mobile 6.5. But overlooking that little nit, WinMo is better than Android (s goog) in some ways, depending on who you ask, no?



6 columns looks a bit busy to me but I’ve got mine set to 4 and it’s a lot better than the default 3.

I agree with you about the Move To Top limitation. Hopefully this will be one of the things that Microsoft gives some thought to in WinMo7.

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