How Low Can TiVo Subs Go?


TiVo’s (s TIVO) subscriber count dropped by a sharp 314,000 for the quarter ending on October 31, 2009, the company revealed during its earnings call today. TiVo’s total subscribers fell to 2.76 million. Our friends at TV by the Numbers said this is the worst quarter ever for subscriber loss for the company (and they even have a handy chart to illustrate!).

While the company’s hardware business is toast, it is looking to revitalize with MSO partnerships. TiVo announced an agreement today to become the exclusive provider of middleware and UI software for the next generation of set-top boxes from Virgin Media, the U.K.’s biggest cable company. TiVo said it is also on-track to launch a DirecTV TiVo HD DVR next year.

Earlier today, TiVo announced a deal to provide Google (s GOOG) with viewing data from 1.6 million of its DVRs.

TiVo reported net revenue of $56.9 million for the quarter and reported a net loss of $6.7 million. Shares in the company were down three cents in after hours trading.



Why isn’t NewTeevee reporting on Roku’s latest launch of the channel store and an additional 10 content providers? While not spectacular channels, it is newsworthy considering Roku has gotten high reviews with the exception of their lack of a more diverse pool of content.

IMO Roku is set to overtake the over rated “boxee”, which will soon become a highly overcrowded mess like YouTube. As of now Roku limits the channels to content providers approved only by Roku.

While some of the new channels, like Blip Tv, have been disappointing I’m sure we’ll see more come along that will “do it right” on Roku.

Steve Garfield

If the Tivo hardware business is toast, then the Comcast TiVo business is burnt toast. I LOVE the TiVO HD. The Comcast TiVo implementation is unworkable. I have both.

Chris Albrecht

The TiVo/Comcast combo isn’t available here, so I can’t speak to it. I just have the plain ole Comcast DVR — which is horrible — but works and I’m too lazy to add TiVo.

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