Xbox Connection Funnels A Million New Subscribers To

*CBS* should be pleased with its choice to allow *Microsoft* to sync Xbox LIVE to, as the partnership has already netted the streaming music service nearly a million new subscribers. went live on Xbox last Tuesday, and both companies are already hyping the deal as a success in terms of the numbers. CBS (NYSE: CBS) says it broke a record for the number of new profiles created in a 24-hour period, and that Xbox LIVE users had already streamed more than 120 million minutes worth of music.

Less clear is whether there is money changing hands: neither company would comment on whether Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is paying CBS a rev-share, since only Gold (paying) Xbox LIVE subscribers get access to

Aside from a potential rev-share from Microsoft, the million new subscribers can still add to CBS’ bottom line, as they’ve instantly increased the reach (and targetability) for the ad-supported service. In a statement, CBS Interactive Music Group President David Goodman said the company was looking forward to the next “big opportunity” to “expose new users” to the brand, a hint that similar partnerships with other device-makers could be coming down the pike.

Meanwhile, Microsoft talked up the other new features that it launched for Xbox LIVE: Twitter and Facebook integration, as well as a new Zune-branded content download store. The company said nearly two million people — or roughly a tenth of the total user base — had logged into their Facebook accounts through Xbox LIVE in less than a week. No hard stats on Twitter, though Microsoft spokesman David Dennis told CNET that there had been “tweets from nearly every market” that the Xbox LIVE service was available. As for the Zune marketplace, the comany said 1.7 million members visited in less than a week, though it didn’t say how many actually purchased content.