BusinessWeek Under Bloomberg: John Byrne Leaving To Start Own Company

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This is a bit of a surprise because we were made to understand that John Byrne had decided to stay, as BusinessWeek is ready to start its life under Bloomberg. Now comes the news that he is leaving. He was the executive editor of the mag and EIC of the website since 2005. The mag’s editor-in-chief Steven Adler already decided he wouldn’t stay a few weeks ago, and was replaced by 37-year old ME of, Josh Tyrangiel. Min says he is relocating to San Francisco (where his wife and BW alumna Kate Rodler, is based) with plans to launch a new digital media company. No word yet on who will take over as digital head, both on the biz and edit side.

Updated: A very valid comment from our regular commenter Jenkins, which I think hasn’t been said enough among the pain of these layoffs at BW: “While we all have to feel for the personal stories, it is still the case that BusinessWeek is a failed entity. And it is also the case that their web strategy is going nowhere fast. So, let’s all be sad about the human side but let’s remember that these same people couldn’t compete on the big stage, which is ultimately why they failed.”

The memo from Byrne, sent out earlier today, after the jump:

Friends & Colleagues:

After spending 22 years of my professional life at BusinessWeek, I


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