Will Valemont Become an Oldteevee Show?


With New Moon sucking a bajillion dollars out of the world’s wallets this past weekend, don’t count on the vampire craze dying (errr, undying?) anytime soon. Perhaps this bonanza will help spur MTV to transform its vampire interstitial/web series, Valemont into a bona fide TV program.

Valemont co-creator and executive producer (and NewTeeVee Next Big Thing presenter) Brent Friedman of Electric Farm Entertainment wrote on ValemontCommons.com that his company is in “serious talks” with MTV to turn the show into a half-hourk on-air TV show (hat tip to Daisy Whitney’s Tweet). Friedman says MTV will run a strung-together, extended one-hour version of the show (the network already aired a half-hour version). Viewers will then be instructed to go online to watch the last 15 eps, which, Friedman says is the key. He makes the strong sell in a Valemont community forum post:

TV ratings on the special would be nice, but the key here is the clickthru rate from on-air to online. How many viewers get hooked by the end of the 1 hr. edition and migrate to MTV.com to watch the remaining 15 Eps will go a long way in determining the fate of Valemont. So if you want to help guarantee a Season 2, let’s overwhelm MTV with positive numbers this Sat night!

Liz Shannon Miller liked Valemont, and maybe more people will tune in with Friedman’s plea (the Valemont special will air on MTV on Saturday at 6 p.m.).

Despite this possible move to oldteevee, Friedman told us via email that he’s most excited about the deeper interactive plans Electric Farm is concocting for season two of the show. Stay tuned (both online and on-air).


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