Rumor Has It: Camera Still Bound for iPod Touch

At the Apple (s aapl) iPod event this past September, the iPod nano got a video upgrade, but despite rumors to the contrary, the iPod touch didn’t get a similar treatment. The Internet was ablaze with expectation thanks to the appearance of a number of iPod touch cases with camera holes built in, all positioned the same, which seemed like a fair indicator that video was coming to the touchscreen iPod.

Even after the newest touch model was released, teardowns revealed what looked like a space reserved for the camera internally. Apple seemed to be holding back for some reason, and recently reports have been made that that is indeed the case, and that a camera-wielding iPod touch will appear in Spring of 2010.

The news comes via The Examiner, which ascribes the information to sources within Apple. They claim that as most people suspect, a camera was indeed planned for release this fall, but the product failed to meet Apple’s exacting standards:

We have heard from an inside source who claims the camera version of the iPod Touch 3G will be released this Spring. The source confirms to us that the iPod Touch 3G with camera had actually been planned for release this past September, but had problems passing quality control. Unlike Samsung, Apple actually has a Quality Control department.

The article goes on to say that the camera going into the iPod touch will be the same as the one in the current iPod nano, not that found in the iPhone. Presumably, that means that the new touch won’t be able to shoot still photos, which is something the nano camera isn’t able to do.

This newest claim about the iPod touch is backed up by earlier reports of production problems just ahead of the September event, which were said to have frustrated Apple’s launch plans. The nature of the problem wasn’t specified, but French Apple news site HardMac reported it affected “the first dozen of thousands units produced.” 

Spring 2010 makes sense as a launch time frame, too, because Apple did upgrade the iPod touch alongside the other iPod models in September, even without the addition of a camera. Even if it resolved production issues quickly, because it went ahead and launched the product without the component, the Mac maker will have to wait a decent amount of time before introducing another new model in order to clear on-hand stock and defer unnecessary production reconfiguration costs.