MediaMonkey Syncs Music to Palm Pre for Free


With Apple (s aapl) once again blocking the ability to synchronize iTunes music with Palm’s (s palm) Pre and Pixi, it’s time for some of you to consider other options. I’m still happy with DoubleTwist or simple drag-and-drop methods to move music, but I noted a mention of MediaMonkey on PreCentral, which offers another option. Version 3.2 of this Windows-only software hit last week and like DoubleTwist, it boasts a fair number of supported devices. With the free version of MediaMonkey, you can sync tracks, playlists, album art and other information over to your webOS device, not to mention several brands of digital audio players, iPhone, and Android (s goog) devices.

But MediaMonkey does far more than synchronize music. Tag-editing, CD ripping and conversion, track identification, playlist creation, podcatching, and reporting of your audio habits are also supported, making MediaMonkey more useful than a barrel of you-know-whats. The $19.95 Gold version adds advanced features like on-the-fly audio conversion and support for multiple music libraries, so advanced users will want to check it out. In the meantime, the free version of MediaMonkey gives webOS users on Windows another option to sync music and playlists to a Pre or Pixi.



I’ve been using MediaMonkey for a while now, having tried both DoubleTwist (meh) and Songbird (choke). It’s the best “iTunes replacement for non-iPodders” I’ve found. In fact, I liked the advanced features available only during the trial period so much, I sprung for the Gold version.

My favorite feature is the convert-and-transfer. It’s perfect for putting WMA tracks onto my Android phone as MP3s in one smooth process.

Ricky Cadden

Kevin, I’m so glad you finally found Media Monkey. I switched to it from Winamp a while back, and it’s simply awesome. It also nicely synchronizes with dang near *anything*, including my Symbian-powered smartphones, various MP3 players, and all that.

The $20 is definitely worth it for the premium version – It keeps my music library totally up to date, and can pull album art and other tag information straight off the Amazon listing, so all my tags are correct, too. It also does Podcasts, which most folks never notice.

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