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New iPhone Ads From Apple Jab at Verizon

AT&T (s att) wasn’t the only company that took offense to Verizon’s (s vz) “There’s a Map for That” ad campaign and responded in kind. Monday night, Apple (s aapl) premiered two new iPhone ads that are actually aimed at pointing out the downsides of Verizon’s network, though they don’t state that outright.

The two new ads, posted by BusinessWeek ahead of their U.S. television debut, depict different scenarios in which you want to access data-using features of your iPhone while also remaining on a call. This is something you can do on AT&T’s HSDPA/UMTS 3G network, but not something you can do using Verizon’s CDMA-based one.

In the first ad, three different scenarios where you might want to check something without leaving your call are depicted. They include a client call, talking to a friend and changing a reservation, and talking to your wife and ordering flowers for your anniversary.

The second ad depicts a single call with a friend, during which you can check movie times, location, and restaurant details. Both ads follow this post.

The ads are clearly aimed at Verizon customers. I was actually completely unaware that the ability to use both voice calling and data access at the same time was even a feature. I do it constantly without even thinking about it. Would I miss it if I’d never had it to begin with? Hard to say.

There’s another question the ads bring up. Does network reliability trump multitasking when it comes to cell phone usage? As convenient as it is to be able to pop in and out of the phone app to check on showtimes and other little luxuries, does it really matter if there are huge blackout zones where you can’t even take a call to begin with, let alone take one and use your network data simultaneously?

In my opinion, these ads fare very poorly when compared to their Mac counterparts. The “Get a Mac” series of ads manages to target an Apple competitor cleverly, and in an entertaining fashion. Apple’s iPhone ads have never been anywhere near as good, but so far, they haven’t had to be. I’d expect more from Cupertino in response to the first real challenge to the iPhone’s market domination, Verizon’s Droid, than this sort of middle-of-the-road effort that doesn’t address the main concern customers wary of AT&T still have.

Apple’s clearly doing this for AT&T, but both companies need to get their acts together if they want to counteract the clever work coming out of Verizon’s camp. Here’s a tip: A little Hodgman goes a Long way.

12 Responses to “New iPhone Ads From Apple Jab at Verizon”

  1. meester

    What next, argue Beta vs VHS again?

    btw; a friend asked whether I saw a point to her getting a Nexus vs Droid.
    The Android apps and both phone’s features make for an interesting choice. (she pretty quickly ruled out that tank of an iPhone, “clunker” she said). I suggested that she had to ask people how their networks work in the area she will use the phone. Maybe the Nexus is a better phone that the iphone but if the network let’s you down what are you dealing with?
    What is the best phone on a dubious network?

  2. meester

    I don’t get it. What is it that Droid/Verizon can’t do?
    i.e. The other day I’m on my Droid talking to my brother. He asks a question about getting some new batteries for his power tool. I search around and find the item on (while we’re talking still). With him giving me his credit card info while I’m on Amazon’s web site I order the new batteries. I check the confirmation email and forward that to him also, alll while on the speaker phone of my Droid.
    What am I missing?

  3. Peter Pan

    I had the iphone 3gs and it is the greatest device ever in technology period. But I switched to verizon and the droid due to the fact of call dropping and I was unable to run my business. The final straw was a visit to NYC where I dropped a call 6 times in 15 minutes (with the gimmick full bars-which we know is not truly representative of signal).
    Fact is, I need coverage, my droid has not dropped one call since I got it and while its not as polished as the iphone, it is a very good phone for the first 2.0 OS.
    Who ever thought of these ads should be fired, the concern is lack of coverage, invest in your network and do it quickly.

  4. you know I hear so much about dropping calls…and for me the only time it has ever happened is when I am in my house and I have 5bars and I am on the phone with AppleCare…lol

    but normally I don’t have a problem…but I don’t call many people…texting and IM’s and email is most of what I do…talking is so over rated…lol

  5. Using 3G to open an app while on a call is fine and dandy. What would be even better is if I didn’t drop endless calls WITHOUT using an app at the same time. Come on AT&T, get your act together. The real life spotty coverage sucks.

  6. As far as I know CDMA is the Multiplexing Scheme and UMTS is the telecommunications technologies using CDMA.
    I think you meant that Verizon only has UMTS speed and AT&T offers HSDPA too, which has a higher data transfer rate.