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Hulu's New Embed Policy Can Only Hurt It

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[qi:_newteevee] Two-year-old Hulu, which has quickly become Americans’ preferred method of consuming TV online, is now blocking startups from embedding its video library. But while Hulu is now (mostly) unfriendly to startup video aggregators, it’s still sharing its videos with its corporate parents’ friends: the big web portals and MSOs. Put together, the retroactive and inconsistent nature of a recent spate of nastygrams shows the site is feeling insecure.

Over the weekend, Hulu demanded that a newly launched video discovery startup called Rippol stop embedding all its shows. Hulu told Rippol that it can link to its full library, but not embed the videos. Rippol tells us it will comply, and replace the Hulu embeds where it can from network sites like and

Rippol competitor Yidio also tells us Hulu commanded it to stop embedding, and video search site CastTV says it has also recently changed to make users click through to watch Hulu. Meanwhile, video guide Clicker declined to comment, but we’ve seen that over the last two months it’s swapped out Hulu embeds for TV network embeds as well. Continue reading the full post at NewTeeVee.

9 Responses to “Hulu's New Embed Policy Can Only Hurt It”

  1. Methinks this was not Hulu’s decision, but rather their advertisers refusing to pay for impressions on sites with less pedigree, or perhaps less than 100% legal content distribution. Which seems fair to me. You can still see it on other sites, so what’s the big deal?

  2. I stopped using HULU a while ago. Not only it is not friendly to start ups, none of its content is global (you can view only in the USA). While traveling what you saw a day ago and want to share with a colleague is suddenly not available!