Here’s Our NewTeeVee Wish List, What’s on Yours?


Black Friday is almost here, so that means now is the time to think about what you want for the holidays. In that spirit, we’ve put together a list of NewTeeVee-related gear we’d like to receive (hopefully our families are reading this), but in the spirit of giving, we’re also giving you the chance to tell us what you’re hoping for this year in our comments.

Chris: Pie-in-the-sky, I’d like a new 27-inch iMac. Tut-tut. Before you say that’s not NewTeeVee-y enough, I’d like to use it as a second TV. I’d load it with the Boxee and the Hulu desktop app to be able to navigate through content with the bundled Mac remote. Plus, with Comcast (s CMCSA) On Demand Online coming before Hanukkah, it will basically become a second TV (assuming that Comcast can make it all work). Bonus: the iMac can act as a stand-in DVD player, since I got rid of mine to go solo with Netflix (s NFLX) and Amazon VOD (s AMZN) streaming on the Roku.

Liz G: Well, what I really want is a 100-inch 3-D (frickin’) laser TV, but I don’t have a spare $15,000 lying around, so this is where I could use some help from our readers. I’m looking for a remote control to control all the web TV on my Mac, but to be honest, I haven’t researched this enough. Does anyone know of a good one?

Ryan: I want a broadband-enabled LG TV with Netflix, YouTube, and VUDU on it. My current TV is a relic from the analog days, probably about 12 years old. But I figure that if I’m going to get a new one, I might as well get one that is broadband-enabled, and has a ton of content already built in. I’m still torn on whether or not to pay for a cable subscription or FiOS, but with 17,000 titles available through my Netflix subscription and plenty of HD movies available on VUDU, I might just skip it.

Janko: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 or similar. I always wanted a good digital SLR, and I’ve also been wanting to make the jump to HD for video recording. This baby does both, even shooting video at 1080p, which means I’d have a lot less stuff to haul around. Another plus: No more DV tapes, yay! And the flip side: I’d need even more hard drives. Uhm, Santa?

Liz Miller: The latest-generation PlayStation3. Not because I play video games, because I don’t — got nothing against video games, it’s just that I started sucking at them once they added the sixth button. But the PS3 would solve two of my current home entertainment problems: one, my roommate and I have a 42″ screen in the living room just BEGGING for a Blu-ray player that also upconverts standard-def DVDs. And two, while my roommate has an XBox with which we can use Netflix instant streaming, it’s tied to his Netflix account and there doesn’t appear to be a way to add my own as well. With the PS3 recently getting on board the Netflix train, it now appears to be the perfect solution.

But enough about us and our gimme gimmes, what do you want for the holidays this year?


Chris Painter

Liz G. Not that I am biased or anything, but I would have to suggest the GlideTV Navigator as a great way to navigate all that web content on a Mac.


I’d like to go for elegance. No, that is not a new service, nor a hot new gizmo. My newteevee wish is for elegance embedded in all entertainment devices that are part of our lives. Having been a bit of a gypsy, I have accumulated devices with all kinds of different power plugs. That tops my anti-elegance list. Then come the power cords themselves. Then come the AV cables, followed by interactivity. How I wish all my devices could slot-in in perfect elegance – both on an aesthetic level and on the level of functioning.

liz Gebhardt

My wish was a Canon 7D with some great L – glass for stills and 1080p video. I waited a year researching and just bought it.

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