Daily Sprout

Time for Contingent Climate Commitments: Should the Obama administration get out ahead of Congress, pledging to set greenhouse gas emission reduction targets that 67 senators may not be willing to ratify? — Grist

GM Marketing Volt to…Middle Schoolers?: “On November 30th, hundreds of middle school students and teachers will assemble at the Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles, along with untold thousands of their electronically-linked peers, to take part in a giant show-and-tell webcast featuring” the upcoming Chevy Volt from General Motors. Your tax dollars at work. — Autoblog Green

FERC Enters the Transmission Maze: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission “has solicited views of industry, environmental and consumer groups on transmission planning and cost allocation policy, with a filing deadline today, indicating to industry officials that the commission may seek to break new ground on the issue.” — ClimateWire via NYT

Putting a Price on Nature: The U.N.’s big, ongoing study of “The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity” (TEEB)—a project aims to quantify just what the world’s actually losing as species and habitats vanish at an alarming rate, casting the damage in raw monetary terms. — TNR’s The Vine

Climate Protesters Arrested Down Under: About 130 protesters have been arrested at Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra while demonstrating against the government’s actions on climate change. — ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)