Black Friday: Eye-Popping Deals on Tech Gear Are Here


Black Friday is rapidly approaching, and with it some big bargains on tech gear. A number of items have already gone on sale, such as these Dell laptops; Amazon, meanwhile, is featuring deals on everything from GPS devices to hard drives. We’ve got several stories up around our network to help you find the best gear at the lowest price:

Go Green. Whether you’re buying for yourself or getting a jump on holiday shopping, why not go green? See Earth2Tech’s “10 Green Tech Gift Ideas for Black Friday,” which includes technology that can help you reduce your home energy consumption to digital goods that also cut carbon emissions.

Web Worker Shopping. WebWorkerDaily’s “Finding Web Worker Gear Deals on Black Friday” rounds up bargains on external storage devices, monitors, Flash memory, digital media, keyboards and mice, printers and much more. Among them are an OfficeJet HP printer for half off (shown) and ultra-low-priced wireless routers for your Wi-Fi set-up.

Apple Gets in the Spirit. As TheAppleBlog’s post “Apple’s Black Friday Tease” notes, the company has confirmed that this Friday will be a “special Apple one-day shopping event,” with deals available online. While Apple is mum as to which products will be on sale, The Boy Genius Report suggests that iPods will be up to 30 percent off, and Macs will be 25 percent off. All shipping will be free on Black Friday.


Chance Stevens

There’s a merging of cheap electronics and stores/manufacturers hard up to get product off the shelves and into people’s livingrooms. It’s a big waste since many people will be replacing things which are probably less than 5 years old but with 42″ 1080p LCD HDTVs going for under $500 it’s going to be hard for anyone to not at least consider making the plunge.

Even though I’m conflicted I won’t be shopping online or offline. I’ve learned my lesson and would rather just wait for the prices to drop permanently instead of risky damage to myself or my credit report.

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