AT&T Matches Verizon's Prepaid Data Plans


AT&T (S T) today introduced a prepaid mobile broadband product that exactly matches the pricing of similar plans launched earlier this month by Verizon Wireless (s vz). I was skeptical of Verizon’s offering because it’s pretty pricey, and I’m not sold on AT&T’s either, but my colleague Kevin Tofel points out that for folks who use Wi-Fi most of the time, this plan may still make sense. So here’s what AT&T is offering:

  • Daily – $15 for 75MB (20 cents a MB)
  • Weekly – $30 for 250MB (12 cents a MB)
  • Monthly – $50 for 500MB (10 cents a MB)

Customers get a SIM card specifically for the plan and can activate it and replenish it with megabytes online. AT&T will send customers a text and email message after either 30 minutes or 20 percent of allotted data usage remains in their session. At that point, consumers have the option to purchase more time or allow the session to expire. I just wish AT&T and Verizon would stop hemming the megabytes in with a time limit, or folks could buy an unlimited chunk of bytes without having to worry about when their minutes expire. That would speed mobile broadband adoption and make it far more flexible.


Ike Denvers

This is a joke. A bad one. Att’s had these lousy prepaid data rates on their second rate network since November when they launched their copycat rates mirroring Verizon’s prepaid data rates EXACTLY . While Virgin Mobile/Sprint gives you more for your money, Att actually has the nerve to increase the price of their lowest priced plan from 15 to 20 dollars a day.

As for Verizon, with Fry’s offering their off brand generic mvno data plan at 50 bucks for five gigs, who cares about Vz prepaid data? It’s the same thing without the name brand.

And then there’s Millenicom with five and ten gig plans on Sprint and Verizon without the brand name prices.

Att’s still in the dark ages about data. If they had the network to back it up, they wouldn’t be doing this chintzing on data.

Mike Freeman

Compared to both Virgin Mobile (which gives greater time constraints, the minimum is 10 days, not 1. Most are 30 days) and Leap/Cricket (Unlimited for $40-50 depending on where you buy it.), these rates are high. Verizon offers the coverage but Att offers nothing extra. With the new 3G coverage issue in full swing with Att, the least they could have done was beat Verizon on time constraints if not pricing/megs amount.

The new offering is unimpressive at best.

This makes VM and Cricket look like Santa Claus with the Big Two as Scrooge.

Bah humbug.

justin flitter

So I went to at At&T store today to get this data card and none of the staff nor the computer knew anything about it

Avneesh S Balyan

Not sure, whether this is useless, senseless or of no consequence…
Take other way round.
$50 for 500Mb. That comes out to be $5 for 50Mb.
All the the third party prepaid service provider can bundle this $5 for their Voice plan…
I am about to complete my 2-year crappy contract. I have (bought from market) Nokia 5800 phone with Wi-Fi. Anyone giving me $40 with unlimited Voice, SMS, MMS and 50 (or say 30Mb data), I will jump to that prepaid plan.
There is already plan for Verizon network (Prepaid with unlimited Voice, SMS and TXT along with 20Mb data), and people are jumping on that.
Problem with most of the bloggers and comment-ors here, looking towards extreme and/or their own needs. But consumer is individual… I want my plan, and seems like, I am about to get…

A.B. Dada

Senseless. Absolutely useless and I can’t imagine anyone buying this at all.

Maybe gangsters?

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