Macs Reduced by $100 to $200 at Best Buy


It’s fairly difficult to find a sale on Apple (s aapl) notebooks on desktops. Apple rarely discounts its computing line, and online resellers usually require a rebate, if and when they offer a worthwhile discount. But last year, I took advantage of a pre-emptive Black Friday sale at Best Buy (s bbuy) — that’s when I picked up my unibody 13″ MacBook with a $150 discount over Apple’s pricing. There was no rebate, and I walked out of the store with MacBook in hand.

Sure enough, the same deal is in play this year. Best Buy started the discounts yesterday, and they only run through Wednesday of this week. Those new iMacs — including the 27″ unit I’m lusting after — are reduced in price by $100. MacBook Pro pricing is discounted between $100 and $200, depending on the model and configuration you want. Are these huge discounts? Not so much, but every dollar counts these days. And you typically won’t see these prices direct from Apple, unless you shop in the refurbished aisle.

Remember that you can run Microsoft Windows (s msft) on these devices as well — either natively through Apple’s Boot Camp, or through a virtual machine such as VMware Fusion (s vmw), Parallels Desktop or Sun’s VirtualBox (s java). This flexibility to run two of the most used consumer operating systems is one reason I tend to gravitate toward Apple hardware — especially when it’s on sale!



I think Apple made a good choice by moving to a intel processor. This opened the doors for PC users that would otherwise not willing to try a Mac. This way they could load XP, Vista, Win 7 and still try out Mac OS. Now that Parallels has released 5.0 it runs Windows much better and you can now use Aero turned on. For the majority of people this would provide enough computer power to use Parallels and Mac at the same time. And if you need full power you can always create a BootCamp partition and install Windows. I use BootCamp and also just installed Parallels 5 this past weekend. I can tell that Windows runs a bit better and faster. Also it doesn’t hurt that I picked up the Magic Mouse which is a very nice mouse. ;)

John in Norway

You can buy a Macbook for $200 dollars at Best Buy? That might make them worth buying. :)


that’s great news for everyone. Bummer for me… I just bought a new 13 Macbook Pro on Saturday. Anyone think I can get some money back?

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