Vogue Turns To Obama’s Online Fundraiser For Revenue Drive

It’s been seven months since Tom Florio, publishing director for Vogue, asked if it would be possible to take the online ad strategy that helped propel candidate Barack Obama to the White House and apply it to a magazine looking to simply build revenue. Although the drive to raise political campaign contributions is worlds different than a magazine’s aim to build revenue, to online tech firm Blue State Digital, the science of targeting is adaptable for all kinds of online marketing efforts, a WSJ piece suggests. Ultimately, the magazine hopes to discover Vogue readers who might be willing to pay for online content, the way the Obama campaign was able to single those who were willing to make a donation.

The partnership between Blue State Digital and Vogue could provide a boost to both entities during a difficult time. For Blue State Digital, looking ahead to another year without major political races, the need to cater to a wider array of online marketers is key to its survival. Meanwhile, Vogue, like other mag titles, has struggled through a deep ad recession. The best both can hope for is at least a mild turnaround next year, so both are more willing to try something new.

As in its Obama campaign fundraising efforts, Blue State Digital began with the model of a