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Now Bloggers Get A Newspaper

By Roy Greenslade: It’s a mixed – or should that be mixed-up – media world nowadays. While print gives way to screen and the blogosphere transforms the culture of journalism, here comes another twist: a print publication created from blog postings by bloggers.

So, as we say farewell to Media Week, the latest print casualty, let’s welcome The Blogpaper, a freesheet that consists of material drawn entirely from blogs.

The paper, launched in London on Friday, was distributed at four City tube stations and in Stratford, east London. It has no editor. Its composition is determined by the vote of bloggers through the theblogpaper website. The first issue can be seen here.

Bloggers don’t get paid for their work, though the paper is (or will be) funded by advertising. And it didn’t come about by accident, of course. The founders are Anton Waldburg and Karl Jo Seilern, and the funders are listed here.

It is clearly a work in progress, but it’s one of those odd examples of the way in which bloggers, most of whom affect to disdain ink-on-paper, still tend to crave seeing their work reproduced in traditional media.

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