LinkedIn Opens Up To Developers


Credit: Flickr/tychay

LinkedIn wants more attention from developers. The company is announcing that third-party developers will now be able to easily integrate the professional social network on their own business apps and websites. As Venturebeat points out, LinkedIn already let developers build apps on LinkedIn, a functionality that was added two years ago. However, this goes much further, since LinkedIn members will now be able to potentially show their LinkedIn profile on other websites that choose to integrate with LinkedIn or find LinkedIn contacts when not on the social network itself.

Even before the official announcement of what it is calling the LinkedIn Developer Network, LinkedIn had already been taking steps to increase the distribution of its social network elsewhere on the web. This month alone, the company has announced partnerships with Twitter so that LinkedIn members can send out their status updates on the microblogging site as well as a tie-in with Microsoft, so that Outlook users can track the activities of LinkedIn contacts from within their inboxes.

As part of its announcement, LinkedIn is announcing one more integration. Popular Twitter desktop client Tweetdeck can now be used to track LinkedIn updates, in addition to Twitter conversations. The startup had hinted for several months that it had ambitious plans to expand beyond helping users manage their Twitter conversations — and had already recently added tie-ins with both Facebook and MySpace.

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