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Gaming Roundup: PPV On The Wii; EA’s Facebook ‘Hell’

Wii Gets PPV in Japan: Nintendo has partnered with 12 media companies to launch pay-per-view streaming service on the Wii. The content includes episodes of Sesame Street, among other movies and TV shows; media partners include TV Asahi, NTV and NHK Enterprises. Shows range in price from 30 to 500 yen (about 33-cents to $5.60), and the service is also available via wifi-enabled Nintendo DSi handhelds. Variety says three more companies, including *Disney* Japan, are slated to join the line-up before the end of the year.

Visceral, EA launch “Hell” app: EA has launched a new Facebook and iPhone app aimed at hyping its forthcoming game, Dante’s Inferno. The “Go to Hell” app lets users send friends (as well as brands they’ve friended) to one of the nine circles of hell. It keeps track of which circle (i.e. lust, gluttony, violence) has gotten the most new entrants daily, as well as the top brands or celebrities that people have chosen to send to hell. The app was developed by EA’s in-house studio Visceral Games. Release.