Apple Shows Vulnerability By Airing Counter-Attack To Verizon ‘Map’ Ads


Credit: BusinessWeek

Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is obviously not happy with AT&T’s network reputation taking a beating — especially since it’s the only network in the U.S. selling its iPhone during the busy holiday shopping season.

Tonight, Apple will do its part to defend AT&T (NYSE: T) against Verizon’s ad campaign that has criticized the iPhone network as having more holes in its 3G network coverage than Verizon does. AT&T hasn’t been able to do much on its own. It lost a preliminary injunction in federal court, and then launched its own ads with Luke Wilson, which touts AT&T as the “nation’s largest network.” The heart of the problem is that so far Verizon’s ads have been viewed as truth, not spin. Apple’s ad, which will air tonight, may be slightly more convincing since it focuses on AT&T’s ability to hold a simultaneous voice and data connection at the same time — something you can’t do on Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ). BusinessWeek reports that in two different ads, Apple touts both business and social scenarios. In one, you can look at an email from a client while you

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