Twitter: "Really Cool" Ads and Commercial Accounts Coming Soon


Twitter COO Dick Costolo, speaking today on a panel at TechCrunch’s Real-Time CrunchUp event in San Francisco, shed some light into the micromessaging service’s revenue plans, promising that it will begin taking a cut of its partners’ advertising revenues “early next year.” Meanwhile, it will “foster mechanisms that allow partners to do more sophisticated things” with its APIs. Twitter also plans to offer commercial accounts that contain premium features like analytics dashboards and multiple authors, according to Costolo.

Achieving the seemingly impossible task of building up more hype about Twitter’s business model, Costolo promised Twitter’s advertising will be “fascinating,” “non-traditional” and “really cool.” Some partners already pay Twitter to use certain parts of its APIs, he added, though Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur noted from the audience that his company does not.

Costolo emphasized that Twitter will continue to offer free access to users and partners, and that small startups who start building on Twitter’s APIs won’t be expected to pay up front.



Talk about raising expectations! They better be among the best ads ever invented OR Dick needs to be fired.

Satoshi Nakajima

I am very curious how they are going to make it happen. The beauty of Twitter is ‘opt-in’ communication. As long as they can keep this model AND make it work with advertisement business, I think it is quite possible to build a new (and potentially large) business model.


Just so you know Twitter and cool will never ever ever ever mix. Twitter is for people that can’t make real friends so guys.

Jay Hoots

Twitter is cool. I’ve got real friends dude and now I have even more! Stop drinking the Haterade!
As far as ads. go, bring it! If it really is cool, then more power to Twitter they gotta hang around

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