Pogoplug Updates: Gets File Sync, Extra USB Ports

Pogoplug, a nifty little device that enables you to easily access your files from anywhere via the Web (see my previous post about it here) has been updated, with a second generation of the device being released. As Kevin over at jkOnTheRun reports, as well as sporting a fancier new design, the new version has three additional USB ports, making four in total, which gives you much more leeway to add storage and drives to your “personal cloud.” The product also has some new functionality, including automatic file synchronization for photos, music and movies, and global searching across multiple Pogoplugs and drives. This second-generation Pogoplug is a little more expensive, retailing at $129 compared to the original’s $99, and is now available to pre-order (to ship mid-December) via the Pogoplug web site.

Do you have a Pogoplug? Let u know what you think of the device in the comments.