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SEC Watch: Skype By The Numbers

The morning-after paperwork from eBay (NSDQ: EBAY) as control of Skype shifts to a private investment group led by Silver Lake Partners offers a look at the post-split financials for both companies — and the kind of detail on Skype we aren’t likely to see much of now that it’s no longer majority owned by a public company. According to the SEC filing embedded below, Sykpe ended Q3 with $60 million in operating income on $508 million in revenue.

On the balance sheet, Skype has $50 million in cash (the same amount as the debt financing from eBay), $37.5 million in accounts receivable and roughly $1.9 billion in goodwill. That’s against the $2 billion in liabilities, included deferred revenue and customer advances of $134 million, and shareholder equity (mostly the latter) picked up by the VoIP provider in the move. Ebay estimates the fair value of its 30 percent of Skype at $708.7 million — and its coffers have swelled by $1.8 billion, the amount left from the actual $1,916,633 paid by the investment group after the financing is accounted for, to more than $4.3 billion. The deal was valued at $2.75 billion.