New Discount App Offers Up Redbox Promo Codes

Redbox iPhone app

Renting Redbox movies is extremely inexpensive — the 99-cent per night rentals are why the company is currently battling three of the big Hollywood studios — but a new iPhone app is aimed at making it even cheaper. The app, which launches Monday, tracks down and ranks free rental promo codes; developer Neese Products is charging 99-cents.

Users can rank the promo codes based on their “validity” and “usefulness;” the app sends code updates twice daily. There’s no-rev share with Redbox parent Coinstar, because it’s not a Coinstar or Redbox-branded app. Redbox currently offers SMS-based alerts, but it’s not clear whether those alerts include discount codes. It’s the first app from Phoenix-based Neese Products, which says it develops products designed to solve “everyday household problems.”


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