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12 Offbeat Resources for Landing a Tech Job

Layoffs are cropping up all over the tech industry, with workers at companies ranging from AOL to Adobe (s adbe) to Microsoft (s msft) getting pink slips. But while most people know to turn to the big online job boards and social networks ranging from LinkedIn to Facebook to help land a new gig, there are a lot of off-the-beaten-track online paths that can be taken as well. Below are 12 proven tech job search resources that you may not be using yet. Good luck!

TwitterJobSearch searches Twitter for posts on who is hiring. The posted jobs range from full-time to part-time work-at-home to one-off hired gun positions. Many of the positions listed are tech jobs, and the number of posts is at critical mass, with Twitter being the social phenomenon that it is. More than 410,000 new jobs were posted to TwitterJobSearch in the last 30 days. Use this syntax to, say, find web development jobs in San Francisco: “web developer San Francisco.”

oDesk is one of the largest online staffing marketplaces for people with tech skills. Developers, designers and many other tech types can post their resumes, examples of projects they’ve completed, and more, and get bids and offers from employers around the world for full- and part-time jobs. Find out more in WebWorkerDaily’s interview with oDesk CEO Gary Swart.

Do you have IT skills? has listings from all over the U.S. if you do.

Elance is a very popular job bidding site for developers and programmers, and for people with other types of tech skills. Copywriters, illustrators and those with lots of other non-tech skills may also want to fill out a profile there. Check out more here.

Rent-a-Coder offers a very diverse collection of software development and programming jobs from employers all around the world. You can get very temporary jobs or full-time gigs.

Want a tech job search site with a name you can take very literally? Try  It lists lots of positions for programmers and web developers, among others. You can also connect your programming skills up with businesses at ScriptLance.

For web projects in particular, put in bids showing off your skills out at Webmaster Projects.

Open Source Skills?
With record funding rolling in for commercial open-source companies and more foundations overseeing projects, there are more paying jobs in the open source software world than ever.  Open source skills can also differentiate you from the tech worker pack, and many other tech workers don’t think of the world of open source as having commercial arms.

Several of the prominent open-source software foundations can help open sourcers find work. You might start by looking into the Apache Software Foundation , which oversees many open source projects, and the Drupal Foundation’s list of available jobs.

Don’t forget about the ongoing jobs available at prominent open source companies, as well as those that make extensive use of open source. Red Hat always has many jobs available, but you can also find many open source-focused positions at big Internet companies such as Google (s goog) and Yahoo (s yhoo).

SmartData Enterprises specializes in placing outsourced open source workers on projects. You can work remotely on projects taking place all around the world, for pay.

For many useful tips on how to effectively use social networks to land a job, see WebWorkerDaily’s popular resource collection — and make sure to stay organized.

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