Terracotta Buys Quartz to Advance Java Scalability Mission

Java scalability specialist Terracotta has acquired the intellectual property associated with Quartz, a popular open-source job scheduler, part of Terracotta’s mission to integrate common open-source Java application components into its middleware solution. Terracotta has already integrated SQL-query service Hibernate, and it acquired popular distributed caching solution Ehcache in August. These integrations make Terracotta a more formidable competitor in the quest to manage data in cloud or scale-out infrastructures, where it battles relational databases, proprietary caching solutions like Oracle Coherence and, increasingly, flash-based solutions.

As more Java applications make their ways into large-scale environments and private clouds, Terracotta wants to make it easier for users to scale these critical components. The company bases its business model around the “scale continuum” – easing the transition from one node to several nodes to, ultimately, a virtualized cloud environment. Potentially important on this front is the fact that Quartz is embedded into application framework SpringSource, which VMware recently acquired. Terracotta and VMware (s vmw) have partnered on customer implementations in the past, and the synergies between these two vendors and their new assets should make running Java applications in the cloud easier than ever thought possible.

Despite the fact that Quartz is a job scheduler, the database market might see the biggest effects from this acquisition. Terracotta’s bread and butter is in-memory data management, and bringing Quartz’s large user base into the fold exposes Terracotta’s method to an even greater audience. Quartz has tens of thousands of deployments already, including within companies like Vodafone (s vod), Cisco (c csco) and Adobe (s adbe), and it is embedded in popular open-source application frameworks such as JBoss and the aforementioned SpringSource.