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With Chatter, Salesforce Takes a Facebook Approach to Collaboration

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Join the Community! (s crm) today announced Salesforce Chatter, an application that provides a social network for enterprise businesses. Salesforce Chatter incorporates social networking and real-time connection features as well as integrates Facebook and Twitter status updates, making it unique from other enterprise collaboration offerings from Cisco (s csco) and Microsoft (s msft), which revolve more around traditional IM screens, video conferencing and presence awareness inside an email program. For internal use, Salesforce Chatter gives employees profiles, feeds and groups. With the Salesforce Chatter platform, developers will be able to build social enterprise applications that can contain status updates, create Facebook apps, and hook into APIs from Twitter so enterprises can track comments about their brand or from their employees. As employees use more social-networking applications while at work, the security of those applications and how to harness them for corporate use have become increasingly common concerns in IT.

7 Responses to “With Chatter, Salesforce Takes a Facebook Approach to Collaboration”

  1. While the fears are real about the risks created with social network use in the enterprise I would argue that enabling open social tools for the enterprise is the right approach vs. recreating “facebook for the enteprise”.

    Enterprises will always want to manage access, retain data, introduce workflow, integrate core business processes and analyze the activity for its impact on the business. The question is how do you do this on top of sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter?

    Our belief is that enterprises need to adopt a bridge layer between the enterprise and the social networks – basically social middleware. This new layer completely changes the game for enterprises. Now they can directly leverage open social sites in an enterprise-grade fashion without having to recreate the wheel.

  2. Wow! the “collaboration software” market gets more and more complex. Just a few days ago, WebEx released WebEx Mail, which seems to be a mail centric approach to collaboration. A basic need “to work together effectively with local and distributed teams” has lead to a vast variety of solutions – SharePoint, Google Apps, HyperOffice, Google Wave,, and now Chatter. How does one conceptualize and compare them!

    I’ve tried to give that a shot in my article “the collaboration continuum” at ebizq –