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The Party Line — Phone Buzz of the Day

Here are some of today’s phone conversations I enjoyed reading or viewing on the web, along with some brief thoughts:

Google’s real phone is yet to come? (TechCrunch) — That’s the alleged inside scoop from yesterday, although today the rumor was softened a bit to include VoIP and data only. All in all, the truth is likely somewhere in the middle. After developing Android for the past two years and working with partners on over a dozen handset, Google (s goog) isn’t likely to tick them all off by creating their own handset. They’re actually in the same boat as Microsoft (s msft) with Windows Mobile licensing at this point and it would be difficult to reverse course.

Sprint’s Hero is more super now (BGR) — The Android totin’ Hero on Sprint’s (s s) network has new firmware ready for delivery. It’s not a major update, but word on the street says there’s better battery efficiency due to an SMS fix. The new version is 1.56.651.2, so check for it — it’s an over-the-air update, so it could hit at any time for Sprint customers.

Palm’s Pixi costs less than five lattes (Engadget) — Amazon (s amzn) might be the best place to pick up a Pixi right now — $25 with a new plan and this skinny webOS handset it yours. At this point, it might as well be free. The question is: even at these prices, will it be a hit for Palm (s palm)? Early reviews generally agreed that the phone was a little sluggish — both due to the processor and the variability of Sprint’s EVDO, since there’s no Wi-Fi radio. At this price, even with those niggles, the Pixi could still be a good first smartphone. It’s like the webOS Centro, no?