Smartbooks Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter — ARM / Android Alliance

I was excited to hear about the new Solution Center for Android alliance formed by ARM and 35 other companies to pool resources to aid development efforts for Android on the ARM platform. Smartbooks are in essence the merging of the smartphone and netbooks, and Android is a logical platform for them. To have such a major effort focused on getting ARM devices produced for Android can only be a good thing for both the platform, and for getting interesting mobile devices to market.

Smartbooks are not the only likely product of this alliance; it is easy to envision web tablets and other consumer devices appear with Android on board. As the alliance press release indicates, ARM-based products are designed to be “always connected” by nature, and that can mean devices of all kinds. Android just got a lot more interesting, in my view. I wonder how Android will fit in with the Google Chrome OS poising for takeoff?

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