Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile Brings Turbo, Image Saves and More


Opera today announced the beta of Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile (s msft) devices. The new look and feel is very much like Opera on the desktop or the newest version of Opera Mini. Here’s a listing of what the latest Opera browser brings to WinMo:

  1. Intuitive new interface Opera has thrown out the clutter and is keeping it simple in terms of aesthetics. Less is more when it comes to mobile browsing.
  2. Speed Dial Speed Dial serves as your personal table of contents for the Web. Your favorite sites welcome you upon launching Opera, and in one click, you are there.
  3. Tabbed browsing Open new links in multiple tabs to bounce between sites easily.
  4. Password manager Save those annoying passwords with Opera’s password manager, or if you are feeling vulnerable, simply and swiftly delete all.
  5. Touchscreen or keypad navigation Whether your Windows Mobile smartphone is touchscreen or keypad-based, Opera Mobile 10 beta is customized for your navigation style.
  6. Save images Select and save your friends’ Facebook pictures to your phone for offline viewing later.
  7. Opera Turbo Offload your page rendering to one of Opera’s servers, and reduce your data costs.
  8. Advanced compatibility Since Opera Mobile 10 beta is based on Opera’s browser for desktop computers, it maintains advanced Web-site compatibility and ensures that nearly any site is accessible from a mobile phone.
  9. Smooth surfing Pan, zoom and smoothly scroll your way through the Web.
  10. It is free! Opera Mobile 10 beta for Windows Mobile is available as a free download at www.opera.com/mobile/ or m.opera.com/mobile/ (for phone download).

The best part — aside from the Turbo function, which I still love — is that like older versions of Opera, the new beta supports Windows Mobile 5 handsets on up. Pity that I just shipped off my old Dash for a little holiday cash…



Ok…stupid question. On my old phone, if I wanted to upgrade to the latest version of Opera Mobile, I would simply uninstall the old version and clean up any leftover files before reinstalling.

Just got a Touch Pro 2 which has Opera Mobile pre installed in ROM. Is there any trick to installing this new beta? If I install it, will it mess up the installed version?


Well, I installed it to the Internal Storage (and you can use memory card as well). It shouldn’t interfere in any way with the ROM-burned version.

I have just noticed that it registered as a application for HTML file handling – if I click on the HTML file in the file explorer, new Opera launches.

I removed the new beta and the old Opera is back again, at my service.


On HTC Touch Diamond, the browser runs smoothly and (at the first sight) without issues. I would be happy from more zoom levels, but it is not a problem, just a feature request.

It has nicer form support, initial Speed Dial page is very nice (although page thumbnails are not always made). The GUI is cleaner and nicer (IMO – YMMV).

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