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Notional Reveals New Slate of Programming

Notional, IAC’s new video production company headed by former CollegeHumor-er, Ricky Van Veen, introduced its initial lineup of programming yesterday (via Variety). In addition to the shows Chopped and Don’t Sweat It, which are already on-air and were inherited when Notional absorbed the City Lights TV crew; Notional is also working on:

Ready, Set, Dance: people who post dance moves online are forced to dance on the spot for a cash prize.

You vs. America: a web-based game show.

Chase the Money: reality game show combing pratfalls and tag.

Love Taxi: a dating show that takes place in a cab.

Looks like Notional is sticking true to its promise of bridging the TV and Internet worlds with this mix of online and on-air concepts, though the ideas seem decidedly low-budge and low-brow. Probably why they called the company Notional and not “Innovational” (bah-dum-bum). Notional is also looking to partner with Ben Silverman’s branded entertainment company (and IAC sibling), Electus.