Fring Now Works on Android, Does Skype VoIP Calls


Fring, the mobile messaging and social communication tool that works on many smartphone platforms, is now available on the Android (s goog) platform. Users of Android phones can get the client software from the Android Market or from Fring’s WAP site.

Fring for Android works over 3G, GPRS or Wi-Fi connections. According to the company’s blog announcement:

“Android device users can now get onto fring (we know you’ve been missing us since some of you recently switched to Android devices) with (the first) free VoIP calls over Skype, MSN and GoogleTalk and via hundreds of SIP providers. As always you can see real-time presence and live chat with your ICQ, Yahoo! And AIM buddies too. You can also use Twitter there, as part of  your integrated contact list.”

The “we know you’ve been missing us” snippet in the announcement belongs there, as competitive applications such as Nimbuzz have already been available for Android for some time. Still, free VoIP calls over Skype with Fring will probably be pretty attractive to many users of Android phones, and Fring offers a number of options for keeping up with Twitter.



So, if i call skype contact while i have WIFI connection, it will be free? if this is true i am fring fan from now on!:)


When making an out going skype call, I believe it will disconnect if you do not use 00’s instead of the +


Fring achieve another bench mark, Android is future and that is the reason why Truphone, Vopium, Nimbuzz and fring are improving their apps for Android devices.

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