EveryZing Changes Name (Again) to RAMP


Pardon the dated reference, but EveryZing is the P. Diddy of the online video world, as the company announced today that it is changing its name to RAMP. The company was originally known as Podzinger, but changed its moniker to EveryZing, and then must have realized what a horrible, horrible name that was and changed it to RAMP today to align itself with its RAMP content optimization product.

RAMP was initially spun out of military research firm BBN Technologies as a speech-to-text podcast search engine. The company has since expanded its product to enable media publishers to make content discoverable and optimized through parsing of data from video, text, audio and images.

RAMP (the company) has raised $22 million in funding from investors like NBC (s GE), which is also a customer. Other clients include FOX (s NWSA) properties FOXNews.com, FOXBusiness.com and FOXSports.com.

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