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Selling the Smart Grid to Average Joe: Smart grid analyst Jesse Berst examines how the Electrification Roadmap released this week by a coalition of heavyweight CEOs could be an inflection point for the smart grid. “Electric transportation is something the public wants; it will take a significant infrastructure upgrade to make it happen; and it can only happen if everyone gets really good standards.” — Smart Grid News

Cap and Trade for Power Plants Only?: A small bipartisan faction of Senate moderates has begun examining the idea of passing a bill that deals only with greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, rather than a comprehensive cap and trade system covering broad sections of the U.S. economy. — Greenwire via NYT

EU Green Lights New Energy Standards for Buildings: The European Union late Tuesday agreed on new energy-efficiency standards for all buildings constructed (or significantly renovated) after 2020. — Dow Jones Newswires

Quantum Dots for Longer Battery Life: “You probably don’t know it, but you live in the dawn of the Golden Age for waste heat research.” A breakthrough “quantum dot device” at MIT, plus technology from Cleantech Open runner up Alphabet Energy and ARPA-E grant winners MC10 and Photonic Devices, offer the latest examples. — Greentech Media

ZeaChem Plant Construction Under Way: “Start-up ZeaChem has begun construction of a plant to convert wood chips into ethanol and specialty chemicals, a small step forward for the long-awaited cellulosic ethanol industry.” — CNET’s Green Tech

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