NYT Phases Out Times Extra; Looking For Other Ways To Aggregate

The NYTimes.com will close the curtain on its homepage aggregation tool, Times Extra, on Dec. 1, a year after it began beta testing the feature. Although Times Extra is still being promoted on the main homepage, the alternate home page has a note telling users that they’ll still be able to find outside news articles through Blogrunner, acquired by the New York Times Co. (NYSE: NYT) in 2006.

Over the past year, NYTCo executives have strongly embraced aggregation, emphasizing that one of the company’s goals is to be a one-stop shop for news curation. The company insists that the decision to eliminate Times Extra doesn’t reflect any change in that direction. A spokeswoman said executives are aware that users’ want links to third-party content but instead of situating aggregated articles on one point on the home page, the editors will continue to explore ways of presenting outside news coverage at other places throughout the site, with Blogrunner perhaps playing a more prominent role.