Internet Users In India Grow 17% Y-o-Y To 35.8 Million; Growth Rate Lower Than Asia-Pac Average


In September, India had 35.8 million Internet users (excluding visits from net cafes and handhelds), up 17% year-on-year, according to web metrics firm comScore. India’s growth rate is the third highest in the Asia Pacific region, China and Japan surpassing the country both in absolute number of users and in growth rates.

The Asia Paific region had 484 million users in September, which represents a 22% growth from the year-ago period. China registered a 31% growth during the period under review and now has 220 million Internet users.

Hong Kong grew the least, at 5%, and now has 3.9 million internet users. This however, represents a 55% Internet penetration, as that country’s population is 7 million. In contrast, only about 3-3.5% of Indians have access to the Internet.

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