If Google Does Build A Phone, What Network Will It Run On?


TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington has been one of the most vocal supporters of the Android operating system. He’s written endlessly about the virtues of the open network, which lets him bypass evil telecom companies, like AT&T (NYSE: T), by using Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Voice.

Now, he’s salivating over what’s next,, and if he has the rumors correct, Google is close to releasing its own branded phone that will be sold through retailers, and built by a major phone manufacturer, like HTC, Samsung or LG (SEO: 066570) (Google said no comment today, but in the past has said it has no such intention of building a phone.) Arrington believes the phone will be everything the iPhone is, plus everything that it isn’t: “There won



I found the piece so naive that it has barely any relation to reality. I liked the best joke though….Google's vision

A. L. Flanagan

Pretty sure that "investors and analysts have questioned how Clearwire will" fare, not fair.

Michael Tupper


I disagree with your perspective on the need for a carrier partner. The point of a device of this nature would be exactly to have no carrier associated.

Why couldn't it just be an Open GSM device? Why would it need "so many radios"? Wouldn't quad-band GSM and dual-band 3G cover most of the globe, giving users the most options they've ever had? The ability to do this or not is not a hardware limitation and could be done in the HTC Androids already in the market. The radios a locked to a specific frequency by the firmware and is done so for commercial/political reasons, collusion between HW manufacturers and mobile operators.

Although still somewhat limited by the radio frequency (to 2100Mhz for the 3G), the open quad-band GSM Google Dev Phones (HTC Dream and the recently announced HTC Magic) are perfect examples. No hacking necessary, no unblocking codes and procedures– and you can put a prepaid SIM and use 3G from a number of carriers throughout the EU.

If they do partner up with an operator on a device like that, it would totally undermine its thunder. I am praying that it is a standalone, open radio, quad-band 2G, dual-band 3G and dual-mode 3G/LTE (as per the new Qualcomm chipset just announced).

Lets hope its not just rumor and Arrington is as connected as I think he is.


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