Updated: Hulu in Limited Music Video Deal With EMI; How Long Before a Vevo Deal?

Updated below: Hulu is doing a limited music video deal with EMI, which could be interpreted as a sign of things to come: it is tying up with struggling EMI to feature all of Norah Jones’ music videos, concerts and related material on the site, reports NYT. Jones has a new album coming out this week, so that explains the promotional deal. It has done some concert music streaming before, including livestreaming a Dave Matthews Band concert in the summer; it has also featured some other music videos on the site, but this is the first official deal with a big 4 music label.

Meanwhile, Vevo, the music label JV music video site — co-owned by Vivendi’s Universal Music and Sony (NYSE: SNE) Music — that is also working with YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG), is about ready to launch. Wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine Vevo, whose main inspiration was Hulu, doing some sort of limited deal with Hulu for distribution, or a marketing/ad deal as well. This also hints at it: Andy Forssell, Hulu