Corrected: AOL International Cuts Coming But Looking For Partners; ICQ For Sale

AOL (NYSE: TWX) CEO Tim Armstrong did a hurried Q&A session at the Paley Center this afternoon and then had to rush off to being the IPO roadshow, which starts tonight here in Manhattan, presumably at some glitzy event here in the city. (Ed. note: The road show actually starts Nov. 19; the headline also has been corrected..) He didn’t say anything he hasn’t before, but hinted at some contraction in the international market, at least in terms of direct presence. he said AOL is in about 40 countries now, but in 2010 would probably be in less markets directly; as a result, it is looking for local international partnerships, he said. Left unsaid: the big upcoming AOL cuts would also likely include international, presumably.

Update: Now Kara is reporting that ICQ, the highly popular instant messaging platform, is for sale. One guess on a possible buyer: South African media giant Naspers, which has been buying up international digital properties across Europe and Asia, and owns a stake in the biggest Chinese IM platform Tencent as well.