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Send a letter online __ Snailmailr.comEven though most of my work is done entirely online, occasionally there are times when I have to send a letter: invoices for clients who want print copies, official correspondence and even, sometimes, letters to people who I can’t get in touch with online. I don’t always want to drop everything and head off to the post office to send my mail, however, making Snailmailr a surprisingly useful tool.

For 99 cents, Snailmailr will print and send a letter anywhere — and that includes internationally. To start with, you just type in your return address, as well as the recipient’s address. Once you’ve got those all-important details entered in, Snailmailr will provide you with an editor not too dissimilar from that you might see in an email client. You can choose your font and text size, and italicize, underline, bold, highlight and position your text as well. You can even insert a photo if you wish.

Send a letter online __ all you need to do is send a short note or an invoice, that may be all you need to do. If, however, you have a longer document that you need to send along with your document, Snailmailr is prepared. You can upload an attachment that will be printed in full color for no extra charge (up to two pages) and mailed with your letter. You can attach PDFs (s adbe), Microsoft Word (s msft) documents, PowerPoint slides, text files or RTF files. You can also choose to skip writing a note and make the attached file the entirety of your letter. Pages beyond the first two cost 25 cents per page, with an upper limit of 20 pages.

Once your letter is ready to go, you’ll be taken to a preview page which will show you what your letter will look like, as well as offer you a payment button to check out. Snailmailr uses Amazon Payments to help you pay for your mail. If you change your mind about sending a letter, you can cancel anytime, up until when the letter is actually printed, and receive a full refund. Snailmailr notes on its site that letters are printed on quality recycled paper. The company also offsets emissions with carbon credits.

There are some additional fees that may increase the cost of using Snailmailr. For instance, all mail sent through the site is stamped with the SnailMailr logo — if you’d rather leave that off, you can pay 10 cents per letter to do so.

At first glance, 99 cents may seem like a high price to pay for sending a letter, which normally costs about 44 cents. However, that 99 cents covers more than the cost of a stamp: It also covers full color printing, the cost of driving to the post office, and even the time necessary to get a letter in the mail. It may not necessarily be the best option for every piece of mail you send, but it’s more than reasonable if you only have one or two letters to get into the mail.

Have you tried using Snailmailr to send a letter? Let us know what you think of the service in the comments.



Is it them that sending the mail or us? cos if its them then the sender address would have to be their sender address right? wouldn’t that be falsifying information to put your address as the sender but it actually sent thousand miles away from you? Am I missing something here?

Creative Brand Specialist

I am not sure if i would use it day to day but i think its such an awesome option to have when you are on the run. I know sometime i have to drive 3 miles just to get one stamp so I sent a thank you card. So even though day to day i will stick with regular mail, I am really glad that now i know there are other options! Great Post!

Robert Krenz

One word describes this site…Awesome! Easily one of the best kept secrets on the Internet..just wait till the info here get’s out! Awesome!


Well…as a graphic designer & Army wife currently stationed in Korea (where you’re only alloted one car, which the hubby drives to work since we live off-base)this would be a great service.

I’m assuming the mail is sent from a stateside address which means it would get to my stateside clients that much faster.

Thanks for the find!


Interesting article but it not a new service, PC2Paper do this in the UK and L-mail in the US, both have been going as far back as 2002.


Great! Another reason not to get up off my chair and get some exercise. No need to walk to the corner mailbox anymore. *sigh*

Steve G.

Seems rather ridiculous to me. Especially if you have a printer.

And you don’t have to drive to the post office to mail a letter. They will pick up outgoing mail from your home mailbox (and if you live in an apartment building, there should be an outgoing mail slot). Or you can walk to a corner mailbox (if they still exist in your neighborhood; they recently removed mine) and not have to worry about carbon offsets.

Simon Mackie

I post letters so rarely that I often don’t have stamps or envelopes, so I can see it being useful for those few occasions when I need to post something.

Laura Roeder

This is actually not true in every city or at every residence, where I live I can’t send outgoing mail from my home and there’s no mailboxes I have to go to the post office and put it in the box there.

Thanks for this review, seems like a convenient option.

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