Movie Monitor: Find a Movie to Watch Online. That’s It.

Lately we’ve checked out sites such as Clicker, Yidio and SetJam, and that’s only the video aggregators that have launched or sent us previews in the last week. But perhaps their pretty interfaces, organized channels and personalized recommendation systems turn you off. Maybe all you want is a simple database query of what movies are available online and how much they cost.

Enter Movie Monitor, a New York-based startup which just launched. Search for movies by title or genre, and you get a simple list of links to where they’re available to stream or download on Amazon On Demand (s AMZN), Blockbuster (s BBI), Hulu, iTunes (s AAPL), Netflix (s NFLX), and Vudu. The company says YouTube (s GOOG) is coming; I also wouldn’t mind if it indexed libraries from sites and devices like EpixHD and ZillionTV, even if they’re a little harder to access (though not if you use one of the trials Epix gave our readers). But then, this is a no-frills service, and that’s the charm.