eReader for Android Available


I just received the weekly newsletter from eReader and they snuck in a biggie:

Sure enough, just go to from your phone and download the app. The Android version supports working with the eReader online store and the user online bookshelf. I can tell you one thing — the Droid’s big screen makes it a fantastic e-book reader. The only complaint so far is no justification of the text, a pet-peeve of mine.



Yay, finally. Its okay so far, could use a little polish, and doesn’t seem super fast, but acceptable. However, why didn’t they implement page scrolling use the up-down volume switch like other ebook apps have done, and like was always done on Windows Mobile and Palm devices? Makes for better one-handed operation.


First thoughts:

1. The online bookshelf “next page” button is way too small to hit with a finger. I had to use the trackball on my g1 to highlight it.

2. The tiny text tracing out the current status of what you’re doing in the online bookshelf is funny. Obviously developers put that in as a stand in until design could come back with how it’s supposed to look. Or at least I’m hoping that’s the case…

But whatever, 1.0. Baby steps, I get it. Some percentage progress updates on the current book download would be nice.

3. No themes! I know I know….but they could have put “inverse” in the menu to throw us a bone. Black on white = no reading on this for me yet.

4. Really no settings at all beside font and size. I await the next version to allow me to change the page turning triggers.

5. Slow dictionary lookup. I grabbed my merriam websters unabridged over wifi. I looked up a random word in the book i opened and it took a good 5 seconds for the screen to switch to the dictionary and another 11 or so for the entry to show up.


I’m willing to bet that UI issues that seem like “tiny text” or “way too small” on a phone will all work fine on a larger, actual e-reader, screen (such as the “Alex”, “nook”, and Entourage eDGe, for example).


My thought exactly, although I also think that there are likely to be far more Android phones in circulation for the next year or two than larger-format devices. Speaking of the eDGe, have you been to Entourage’s website lately? The first batch of their ebooks are up – over 100K titles – and they appear to all be in PDF format. No indication whether they’re DRM-free or transferrable to other devices, but that’s a *huge* step up in commercially-available ebooks to my mind.


I hadn’t noticed that the eDGe added their own ebook store. Looks like they’ll have textbooks, soon, too. Very nice.

I’m thinking this is all making the eDGe look very good :-) If only it had some form of video out…


Further word is that the eDGe will use Adobe Digital Editions, which can authorize up to six devices on a single account. So you could read an ebook purchased from Entourage on your eDGe, your work desktop, your home laptop, etc. DRM is at the publisher’s discretion, so expect most items to be DRMed, I’d guess.


The news about eDGe using Adobe…what’s the source? I thought they do books DRM-free.


Why isn’t this in the market yet?

I don’t want to be handling updates manually…(spoiled ubuntu user)

I’m installing it now


It works great. I was about to sign into my account through the app and was able to download and view a book from My Bookshelf.

Mike Cane

Kendrick, is your health OK? I would have expected not just pictures, but a VIDEO of you waving it in my face!! Someone call 911, The Tech Fiend has fallen and can’t get up!!


Their website (so I can browse what e-books they have) doesn’t seem very friendly for Firefox on Mac. (FF 3.5.5 on Mac OS X 10.5.8)


btw: what formats does it support?

ePub? PDF? what else? kindle’s format? nook’s format? what other formats are there?

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